• The MFA in Visual Art at Vermont College of Fine Arts is pleased to announce that Raul Moarquech Ferrera-Balanquet will be the Winter 2014 Artist-in-Residence.

    Ferrera-Balanquet is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, curator, and Fulbright Scholar. He received his MFA in Inter-media Arts and Video from the University of Iowa in 1992, and a PhD in Romance Studies from Duke University. He has exhibited internationally and nationally in Colombia, Spain, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Mexico, Germany, Romania, New York, and California.

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  • Decolonial aestheSis asks why Western aesthetic categories like ‘beauty ’ or ‘representation ’ have come to dominate all discussion of art and its value, and how those categories organise the way we think of ourselves and others: as white or black, high or low, strong or weak, good or evil. And decolonial art (or literature, architecture, and so on) enacts these critiques, using techniques like juxtaposition, parody, or simple disobedience to the rules of art and polite society, to expose the contradictions of coloniality. Its goal, then, is not to produce feelings of beauty or sublimity, but ones of sadness, indignation, repentance, hope, and determination to change things in the future.

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  • DEEP DISH TV: Rock the Boat

    To counter the hype surrounding the quincentennial of the arrival of Europeans in the "New" World, this Deep Dish series presents an alternative view of the encounter, produced by indigenous, African American and Latino video and filmmakers.

    Resistencia Latinoamericana (1992): A comprehensive critical analysis and re-evaluation of Latin American history by Latin Americans. Produced by Raul Ferrera-Balanquet and Latino Midwest Video Collective,

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  • HD: Haceres Decoloniales, Sala de Exposiciones ASAB. Curador: Pedro Pablo Gómez

    Entre el 13 y el 31 de agosto de 2015, artistas, académicos y activistas nacionales e internacionales, participarán en la exposici ón y el encuentro académico denominados: HD: Haceres Decoloniales, que se realizarán en la Facultad de Artes ASAB, de la Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas, Bogotá-Colombia.

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  • BE.BOP 2013, Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, Berlin

    BE.BOP 2013 celebrated a paradigm shift that transformed the Black Body into a source of inspiration and beauty prevalent until today.

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